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Fritel Turbo SF 3355 friteuse

Levering: 2-3 hverdage – Læs mere
  • 3200 W

  • 4 liter

  • Rustfri stål

  • Friture

  • Fritel Turbo SF 3355 friteuse
  • Fritel Turbo SF 3355 friteuse
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  • Specifikationer

Fritel Turbo SF 3355 friteuse

  • Potatoe croquettes: Do not overcook the potatoes; each minute that the potatoes are over cooked the potatoes absorb water. Don’t use a mixer, the mixture will be too smooth and sticky
  • Croquettes do not need to be pre baked. When they float they are ready
  • If it is possible to squeeze the fries, they are ready for the second frying. It is recommended to let the fries cool down before the second baking


  • Effekt: 3200 W
  • Mål: 39 x 26,5 x 28 cm
  • Rustfrit stål
  • Kapacitet: 4 liter
  • Vægt: 4,1 kg
Varenummer 382959
Mærke Fritel
Model Klik for info ONLY the modelnumber of the product SF3355
Type Friture
Effekt Klik for info Skrives i Watt 3200 W
Kapacitet Klik for info Viser hvor meget frituren kan indeholde i liter 4 liter
Farve Rustfri stål